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   In my last blog I was telling you all about my love of the book, or rather my love of the craftsmanship of old books. I was also lamenting a little at the lack of art (of that standard and detail) in today’s books.  Today, as a happy sequel to that blog, I wanted to introduce someone who sees art beyond the cover and within the words!

 Bronia Sawyer is a British artist and photographer with an amazing talent in book sculpture. I found her work when I was doing a little researching on book art and when I saw her book birds, I was absolutely captivated!

how intricate are those birds, and so fragile! I can imagine so time-consuming and intricate to sculpt!

 Sawyer’s inspiration seems to come from her vivid imagination and the anxieties she suffered as a child…

“For me creativity and imagination go hand in hand. My imagination has always been vivid , it has been throughout my life, both a blessing and a curse. As a child it fed by nightly anxiety, creating faces in the shadows and monsters under the bed, but in the lights it fed my daydreams driving me to create worlds in which I felt safe.” 

As a child, it was discovered that Bronia had dyslexia and while her struggles with words drove her to more creative pursuits then, she feels now she is reconnecting with words and text, and coupling her “old weakness with words, with my artistic strength”.


   “I love paper it is so versatile but overall I favour books I love the texture of the paper the discoloured tones and the printed text. There is something warm and homely about a book something I find almost comforting although some find it horrific that i spend lots of time cutting up old books I love getting lost inside the pages and creating something new from something old and tatty.”

…When I look at her work, I feel like I am taking part in the story and Bronia creates different levels of interaction. Look at the last picture above. We can interact with it visually, but I look at the textual element, the dictionary entries defining each subject! Just wonderful!

If you wish to find out more about Bronia and see more of her work then please do visit her in the following places…But please don’t blame me if you get lost in her amazing world of words, books, sculptures, photography and stories…it is a captivating place to visit!

Her Website: http://www.littlebookbird.co.uk

On Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/broniart/




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