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Happiness is…

Here are the things that are just jingling my joy at the moment…


This year I discovered Drops range of wools and The Wool Shed. I am in love with the squidgy Andes and Nepal ranges (65% wool, 35% Alpaca!) and the ladies who run The Wool Shed in Aberdeenshire are so unbelievably helpful. Drops are having a discount running until 31st December too!



…The frozen grass crunching under Jeremy’s paws…

… Declan O’Rourke… such a lovely voice and a great guitarist



Lemon drizzle cake! One of the easiest things to bake ever and sooo mouth puckering good with a cup of coffee.





…Just the best film ever to get you into the Christmas spirit! I recently watched the colour version, which I was highly dubious about, but it is even more magical, if that’s possible.


Laughing at…

…Jeremy’s propensity to sleep wherever she darn well pleases.

…and her “get out of my face” look…



…currently revisiting The Tales of The City, by Armistead Maupin. I have read and re-read these books over the last 15 years and now enjoying them on my iPod!


Ah! Christmas is but around the corner. Not sure how Christnassy I feel yet…maybe I need to stick on George Bailey again. I hope happiness and joy is blooming all around.



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Hello! I’ve been led astray these last weeks hence my unusual quietness!

Brrrr, it’s FREEZIN! Bressa’ is covered in a very thin covering of the white stuff and there is far more to come if the weather man is to be believed. If he is to be believed it’ll be the first white christmas is about 3 years here I think.

I’ve had a glorious 2 weeks in that Edinburgh, it was fantastic to spend some real time catching up with my mates and not having so little time that I have to “book in” more than one reunion a day!

I also went to see Jools Holland at the SECC with his great big ol’ band! it was AMAZING! My friend Evelyn and I used to live together in Edinburgh and every year we said “Oh! Jools is coming to the Playhouse we have to go and see him”. Years later, she lives in Dingwall, I live in Shetland and we managed to see him finally in Glasgow haha! It was such a good atmosphere and his special guests were very special indeed. Not only was the Goddess that is Ruby Turner there, but the angel that is Eddi Reader also made an appearance as well as legend Dave Edmunds!  We were peckin’ after all the dancing and have booked our tickets for next year…we won’t put it off so long again! Ev’s pics are here

So in amongst shopping, dancing, winter-wonderlanding, catching upping (and a wee tiny bit of falling into mutual lusting !:wink:) I found a wee bit of time to do the (nearly) last of my christmas knitting…only two more very small items to go!

Mirln and I were at our nightclass on tuesday and we’ve both become more than just a little bit spell-bound by the whole play writing biz! The aim of the class is to write a play or plays for the Drama Festival in March and while that sounded terrifying and daunting at the beginning of the class, everyone has just become so inspired and there is so much brilliant stuff being produced. Watch this space for more in the New Year when it steps up a gear and we get into the acting side…I’m ready for my close up Mr Demille!

How’s the chrimbo preparations folks? I feel rather unorgaised this year, I have everything bought, but just no get up and go to get it done, I am off next week though, so I should get into the christmas spirit…if wrapping up the presents doesn’t do it, the snow will!

If I don’t get the chance to say so before thew new Year, I Hope you all have glorious Christmases and all your New Year Wishes come true…Have a fantastically wonderful festive season and see you for more musings next year

Loadsa Love…

oh..here’s your Chrismas card…

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oh dear, its happened again! Time has gotten away from me, lots has been going on and I”ve not made time to blog!

where to start….

Well at the end of last month was the Proclaimers Gig. It was a great gig, but it was the company that made it!

Me, Mirln, Jam and Jam’s bro accompanied each other after going out for an impromptu meal at the chinese.

Jam’s bro’s wife and wee bebe came for the meal too and there was much hilarity with chopsticks as my tempura prawn took a somersalt and nosedive out of the soysauce onto the carpet!

It was lovely to have a night out together, i think we all needed it:  Mirln’s had more than a time of it, Jam’s been under the weather of late and I certainly needed a night out with my girls (and boy!). We boogied good style and went away singing!



Last weekend was the book AND film festival…yes! two festivals to negociate at the same time and in the midst of catching shows and writing reviews i also went for colour therapy at the Bressay Spa.

I won a prize voucher in a raffle ages ago and then forgot all about it,  it was only amid a particularly blue day that i remembered about it and – given my fettle – i thought i’d go for some energy healing!

I don’t know much about colour therapy, apart from some knowledge of colour me beautiful, but it was really interesting.  Afterwards I felt all centred and tingly! however it wasn’t very long lasting!

I’m not sure why the PTB (powers that be) decided to run the two festivals on the same weekend, I was exhausted trying to get and see the few events i wanted to see – anyone trying to be really cultured and see it all would have needed a week off to get over it! But that aside it was very enjoyable…really enjoyed Kevin MacNeill (writer of The Stornoway Way) and his event with local poet Gordon Dargie and saw a great Scottish road movie….yes! Scottish Road Movie….called The Inheritance which was very dark and edgy and full of spectacular scottish scenery.

After all the review writing I was looking forward to taking it a bit easier this week…my stress levels been through the roof…(so much for being aligned)…but this, alas, was not the case either as I had to go to Aberdeen on Tuesday night for a outpatients appointment on wednesday.

The consolation was that it was blooming lovely in Aberdeen, the weather was unseasonably warm and i managed to get a bit of shopping done into the bargain!

and there truly is no rest for the wicked…Scottish Water are over in Bressay today, but not for the public meeting they promised us…oh no! for another useless open day, trotting out the same old spin and no new information and not giving the community the opportunity for debate on this topic that they so desire.

No-one wants to go to one of these dripfeed, divide and rule things…especially when they’re over on a week day afternoon and only gave the community three days notice! I did toy with the idea of just putting up a plain sign saying “public meeting” and dreamt of the flummoxed SW employees faces as the entire island trooped in! Oh well! MSP and councillors are hopefully on the case for us!

I am planning on having a quiet weekend of me-time this weekend and catch up on the christmas knitting pile so can you keep your fingers crossed that nothing too stressful befalls?

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Gerroff my land!

Do you ever see a face in the crowd that takes you aback cos it looks likes someone you once knew, and that you’d rather forget? Usually there is a sigh of relief because it’s not them…well, I didn’t get that relief this weekend, but, rather than depress you right away I’ll tell you about that later.

This weekend was the 29th Shetland Folk Festival – four days of unadulterated listening pleasure! On Thursday Jam and I went to the Legion in Lerwick; there were a couple of Shetland bands and visiting artistes were The New Rope String Band, The Emily Smith Band and a Scandinavian tour-de-force called Frigg (which is also my favourite word as a substitute for the other F word) – all were brilliant.

We’ve seen the Rope String Band before, when they were the Old Rope String Band; sadly they lost a member, but sally forth in his memory – they even do a very amusing musical tribute to him. If I can fathom out how to add a video amid blog, if indeed i can, i will try my best to bring their jollity to you.

Friday was a nice sunny, but windy day and i went to the Clickimin centre with Jam and the kids for the kids concert where we saw the New Rope String Band again (the kids loved them)and Glasgow trad folk band Anarkali (named after an Indian restaurant!) who had the kids up dancing before they even started playing!

After a trip to Debenhams, who were up visiting at Clickimin, it was off to the festival club with me and a couple hours chilling to some fine local music, but no rest for the wicked as i was off to meet Jam again and go to the Legion for another night of tunes.

Friday night at the legion had a good line up including Orkney band Saltfishforty, Danish band Zar and Asturian band Felpeyu. All were great, but i was particularly taken by Zar, the singer had such a beautiful voice that it didn’t matter that i couldn’t understand her language.

We went to the festival club after that to see who we could see – once the evenings concerts are finished at the different venues then the acts have sessions at the club. Shooglenifty were to be playing there as well as the others that we had seen. Unfortunately i got a bit claustrophobic and we had to move out of the session room and we decided to go home shortly thereafter – it’s a horrible feeling claustrophobia – feels like you’re drowning.

On Saturday Jam and I went to the Legion again and this time I took my eldest niece who loves music. Unfortunately she was starting with the cold (as was i) and didn’t enjoy it as much as she would have. Highlights from Saturday were the Jani Lang Band and Madviolet. Madviolet are like the Dixie Chicks more mature Canadian cousins – we bought CDs!

However just as came back from the merchandise table i saw that face in the crowd – the one face i could, cheerfully, never see again.

For over three years i have been pursued by a person who has told me that they believed themselves to be in a relationship with me; this is a woman who was an acquaintance. To cut a dreadful and long story short, she told me that i was lying when i said i was not gay, that i was in denial about the whole thing. Needless to say i cut all ties with this person but she plagued me with calls, letters, parked outside my house, came to my job etc etc the full enchilada. I threatened her with the police and the situation got better but she never really went away…so whose face do you think i saw through the crowd?!

Jam recognised her too and asked me if i wanted to leave – I decided that unless she approached me and caused a fuss, like she usually does (screaming “why aren’t you talking to me, what have i done?”) I would uphold the vow i made to myself three years ago and not acknowledge her or talk to her. But if she did approach me i also made a vow that I’d tear her up for arse paper, a lot of my depression is her doing and part of the reason i moved. I won’t be intimidated on my patch GERROFF MY LAND!

Except…she’s the kind of person that likes ANY attention, so even this would feed her sick infatuation! To be honest I’d much rather push her off the end of the pier and gladly hand myself over to the cops!

Determined this individual wasn’t going to spoil my weekend we hastened to the club, but the freak of nature was there too! This time she clocked me, but saw I was with my Jammy bodyguard and scarpered (She, quite correctly, thinks all my friends are gunning for her).

When i woke up on Sunday morning with full-throttle cold and knowing it all wasn’t a bad dream i was glad it was the last day of the festival and that i wasn’t planning on partying into the night, which is a staple on final night of the festival. We went to the afternoon concert though which was Aussie bluesman Hat Fitz, Emily Smith and Cara Dillon. All were great again, the standard was so high this year, but again it was marred by the appearance of that awful person who stood in my eye line as a means to intimidate me. As i wasn’t giving in, it appeared to slump down on to the floor – i felt triumphant at this, like the young boy who slew the jabberwocky, but, as always, i fear that’s not the end of this saga!

And so it was home to my sick bed to sweat out the fever and get an early night – a good weekend, but the memories off it will be slightly tarnished.

This morning i came to work and we watched Martin Clunes Islands of Britain on my computer – what a gyp! First of all he went to Muckle Flugga, then to Unst, omitting to say that you have to go to Unst first to get to Muckle Flugga – and, for the record, Out Stack is the most Northerly British Isle, not Flugga and there is no such place as “THE Shetlands” it’s just SHETLAND!

I felt he and the programme makers totally parochialized us, ok, so we have no cinema (we do have a theatre Mr Clunes!) but we certainly don’t all wait the week-long for a community concert to liven up our poor remote lives, maybe fifty years ago i grant you.

And as for featuring “Forvik” as an island of Shetland! “Forvik” is actually called Forewick Holm, it’s an uninhabited islet and for those of you who have heard of Stuart Hill you will know he’s a complete nutter who loves any publicity for his crown dependency cause.

Shetlanders despair of him and his publicity stunts. Recently he placed an advertisement in local press asking for an old vehicle and has subsequently parked, in a dangerous place, an old Land rover, complete with “Forvik” registration and license plates. He is also reported to have placed landmines around the island for trespassers! “GERROFF MY LAND”– So much for his motto “free Shetland” – of course he can’t physically stop people from going on the holm as it doesn’t actually belong to him – and even if he did there is the Right to Roam! Clunes made him out to be a bit of a hero. He should have done his research, I’m sure if he’d have bothered to he’d have found out we’ve lots of islands to visit and lots of sane people too – and he might have even discovered a wee place called Orkney, which must have completely dropped off Clunes’ map. Needless to say i shan’t be watching next week and I’ve completely gone off Clunesy – I was going to give his Reggie Perrin the benefit of the doubt, but think i shall forget it now!

Anyhow I shall not leave you completley depressed and ranted out – please visit the folk festival website and have a listen to some of the fantastic music I’ve heard this weekend.

Oh! And a certain teacosy is coming over the fence for a cheeky wee Earl Grey!

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