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Oh dear friends, where have i been? I think I must have been in a wee time warp, cos there is no other reason that I can see for being away so long!
ok…maybe not a timewarp then! Just a web of working throughout the summer and now University.

Hasn’t it got cold chaps! Winter is definitely making her presence felt in Edinburgh…a good portion of my last bursary went on thick tights and knee socks as well as a few other thermal items!
University, hmmmm….since I took my leave all I’ve thought about was going back, now two years on that excitement has turned to fear and dread!
Ok, maybe not as bad as dread, but 4th year has certainly brought its fair share of anxiety.
I’m currently researching my dissertation, the topic of which is on the contemporary use of charms for luck or protection. Some of the theory is quite dry, but what I’m really interested in is finding out what people really think of the use of lucky charms…did you see what i did there? Yes, you dear readers (if you are still reading), I’d really like to know whether you have an object that you either wear or carry for luck and what your belief is in the item. And I definitely want to know if you don’t believe in such charms, and why? I’d be really interested to hear from you (email me if you dont want to post a comment)

I have a few items that I would class as lucky or protective, but when it comes to the faith i put in them i’m not sure if it’s blind faith, sentimentality, superstitious or something more religious.

what is the faith that you place on your charms, or amulets? Or is it mind over matter?
I’d be really interested to hear…and if you know any of your friends might have an opinion on the subject I’d be delighted if you can bring them over here.

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I was having a dull monday, feeling a bit blue and then what do I see?

Big GW has sent a pic of him posing with his blankey….the one that took me flipping ages and 3 different guises before it was finished. Out there! on the front line (thats not the front line there!)Β  is BGW and his blanky πŸ™‚

Lovely to hear from BigGW that’s fair cheered me up, but we’ll all be far more cheery when he’s back home safe and sound.

Also finished is JC Slouchy hat in Jamieson and Smith DK, which was in the bargain bin!

Mondays ain’t so bad πŸ™‚

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Well i do hope you enjoyed the story making of last blog…what imaginations!
Thanks to random.org the winners of the Knitcircus giveaway are….ah! I’m sorry, here’s a quick word from our sponsors!

I’m doing the Relay for Life here in Shetland on May 29th for Cancer Research. Our team, and all those registered, will walk from 8pm to 8am the following morning. If you would like to give me a Β£1, maybe Β£2 the J Team and Cancer Research would be thrilled. If you are so inclined to donate you can do so here at our donation page and read all about it. Thanks for your time….
Now, for those all important names.

This was a hotly contested category!

The winner of the one year subscription to the fabulous Knitcircus magazine is…….TADDOE!!!!
And the five runners-up who all recieve a pdf of all the knitting patterns in the current issue of Knitcircus are…. Jane Prater, Mirlnlass, Jill, Landlady and KC!!!!

Well done everyone. I really hope you enjoy knitcircus. I will pass your emails on to Jaala Spiro and you should receive your pdfs soon.

Happy reading…I wonder if there is any raffia crafts????!

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watch this space!

I can hardly get my cold fingers to type this morning, it may be bright outside, but fr’goodness sake its cold!
I’m waiting for the coffee machine to finish its job and turn me into a normal person but I had to quickly blog, cold hands and all, to say (looks left, looks right, looks left again and says in hushed tones) Watch this space!
Something very exciting comes to this blog very soon!…Something my crafty friends herein will very much slaver over!
I could say more, much much more. But I won’t.
I’m not bound by anyone or thing to say no more, I just want to keep you in suspense.
Maybe you should check back next week and find out more!


Coffee time!

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catching up

Last time I sat down to write it was just before christmas. I trust every one had a good one, we certainly did.
Mamajama and I usually have dinner over at my sisters and watch the kids, having just finished with santa’s presents, open ours. Wee-est one wasnae well and it was such a shame as, at 3, she was just so excited this year. So her eyes were as heavy as a disney creatures and she had no care for opening presents 😦 bigg-est yin had energy to share out lol and before dinner we engaged in a very confuddling video game (is it still ok to call them that?) rock band lego, i though the aim was to contruct a rock band, however i was soon put right on that once i was handed the drum sticks!
After dinner we played Cranium, the best board game in the world ever hands down! we’re still laughing at mamajama’s bull mime!
The first lot of festivities over and i decided on the spur of the moment to head to Edinburgh for New Year, well Midlothian! My pal Mojo was more than happy to have me back a mere two weeks later than when i had last been and her whole family welcomed me in for Hogmanany. The snow was already pretty deep in the village and little did i know how bad it would get!
It was a lovely evening and the bells were brought in with a lot of laughter, something my previous new years had been sorely lacking.
As i mentioned elsewhere i’d have been lost without a bit of wool to knit with!…Here is mojo modelling her new Winter Capelet which was made in a day! Easy as pie and cheap as chips…mind you i should have given it a wee press before taking the photo!

after my official weeks holiday I was then snowed in for a further week, 8 miels outside edinburgh and i didn’t make it to one January sale 😦 But i can’t really complain, the village was lovely, i had a great time catching up with my chums and a little flame grew a little brighter…but that’s all I’m saying (I ain’t saying no more the now LL!)

When i eventually got back my attentions were turned to the drama night class, having been away for an extended stay I seemed to have missed loads; when i left everyone was still mid play writing and when i got back it had been narrowed down to two for the drama festival in March,
On tuesday we had a table reading of both plays (one was mirlnlasses!) and members of another drama troupe joined us to make theΒ  decision by secret ballot (Mirln just missed out :(, but hers will be at another event πŸ™‚ ). We have now joined forces with the other drama group and we’ll take part in their two productions for the festival. It’s all very exciting! i don’t mind what i do, but i wouldn’t mind a little acting role in one of the plays, just to say I did it! We start rehearsings three days a week from sunday. I’m excited now, but ask me again next week lol

Let me see, what else has been happening? Well in sad news, mirlnlass’s dad took a stroke earlier this week, he is in the hospital. I haven’t heard how he is today, but he put in a good night last night so fingers crossed. Mirln is doing ok, but is a bit in shock.

Knittingwise I am so glad to be done with all the chirstmas knits, but the pressure is not off, Flame Brightener wants a jumper which will be my first official big item, and my mates boyfriend Ginger Warrior is headed to Afghanistan with 1st Scots soon and want the lion rampant blanket, so i’ve started Big G-W’s afghan for afghan lol

Today, i have been informed by Mojo, is The Feast of St Agnes and in days gone by it was said that the eve,Β  last night,Β  all the single ladies (all the single ladies!) would have dreamt of their future husband. I had an absolute doozy of a dream and i wrote it all down when i woke up – that’s how vivid it was, but sadly I can’t tell you who i dreamed of for another 10 days or he might not marry me and the dream won’t come true. the end of the dream was lovely, but there were parts that were plain scary so i hope they don’t come true!

For anyone that likes a bit of the old poetry here is Keats and his Eve of St Agnes which tells of some of the rituals us ladies had to go through.

cheers the noo

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pre-blogular blog

I owe a blog and a half, but while I do other things here are a few pictures which may explain my absence.

I decided to head south for New Year and grand it was, but i ended up snowed in in my friend’s village for two weeks.

more soon!

Mojo in the snow

me knee deep!

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